And now for something completely different…

I am planning to give a paper at an upcoming conference in my professional field and I have determined to talk about online support communities in the specific context of grief and babyloss. I want to talk about how online forums and blogs provide bereaved parents with support but also with the opportunity to give life to their dead children, how these spaces become a sort of archive of our memories of our children, but also of a sort of after-life (I don’t mean in a religious sense, though I don’t discount this either) – a life that our children were never able to live in a physical sense. Through remembering and sharing we create a space in the world for the children who are so real to us but so often denied by others.

I am wondering whether any of you who read here have written about what it means to you to write about your own child(ren) online or to be part of these online communities, and if so if you would be willing to share with me a link to what you’ve written. I would like to gather some stories for my paper, but I will not use names or URLs unless I receive specific permission to do so.

I work in a field where it is totally normal to talk about dead people’s stuff but not about the fact of death itself. I’m hoping I can write a paper that changes that, at least a little bit.