I am a little worried that I am giving bad press to an amazing event. The conference I mentioned in my last post was this one: http://still-lifecanada.ca/01/uncategorized/thank-you-for-making-the-conference-a-success

It was, by all accounts, a wonderful event and it is a first step in effecting real change. It brought together a whole community, who shared stories, tears, love, their babies.

I am so proud of my friends for organizing this conference, seeing the need and seeing it through. My feelings expressed in my recent posts are complicated, and though some were brought on by my own experience at the conference, they are also about so much more and have been lingering for a long time. In some ways, my personal experience at the conference was crucial: I hadn’t cried in way too long; I accessed emotions I hadn’t been letting myself feel, but needed to, and that was good for me, if hard. I’m glad I went.

And I’m excited to see what happens next, hoping I can help, inspired by my friends and all the people who attended and shared. We really aren’t alone.