E draws these pictures all the time. Our family. Anja is always in them somewhere. photo (13)

Sometimes we are all flowers, or birds, or she will just write our names into a picture of something else entirely. Rarely does she draw five people and call it our family. I wonder if this is because she doesn’t know how to draw a sister she never saw, never met, but knows how to love her, how to find her a place amongst us. She drew a photo of her family for school and the teacher hung them all outside the classroom door and when I saw E’s my heart sank because there were only four of us.


‘Mommy, there’s you, and there’s Daddy, and there’s my baby brother, and that’s me, and Anja’s in my cheek. She’s the top part of my smile, Mommy.’

She is always in them somewhere. She is always a part of our family.